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Leo Lauretti & Vault 14 feat. Anna Renae - Haunted

Released Fri 23rd April through Elliptical Sun Recordings

I am SO thrilled to announce my new single 'Haunted', a collaboration with progressive trance producer Leo Lauretti and melodic house producer Vault 14.


The track itself is a progressive house track, for which I wrote the lyrics/melody, and performed the vocals. Listen now at the link below:

Haunted cover.png

Released: 20th March 2020

Debut album 'Skin'

'Skin' Cover Back.png
'Skin' Cover Front.png

"I wrote all of the songs on this album between the ages of 13-21, and the stories they tell encapsulate many aspects of my teenage life: first relationships; first heartbreaks; moving around the country; starting university; discovering myself as a musician and as a human being; and simply growing up."

The Story Behind 'Skin':


'Running With The Wolves' (AURORA cover) by The People Versus and Anna Renae

Cover of Taylor Swift's 'The Man', with Oliver Payn

Song Anna wrote for, and performed at, her sister's wedding

'Old Songs' by Anna Renae