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'Speaking Her Mind' EP

Released: 1st October 2021

"Similarly to my debut album 'Skin', my EP 'Speaking Her Mind' consists of songs written mainly during my teenage years. These 5 songs are the last of what I consider my 'older' songs, and their themes include: teenage social anxiety; dysfunctional families; the damaging effects of fame; and reflecting back on past relationships with clarity and self-assuredness."

'Speaking Her Mind - EP' Cover Back (NEW).png

(Album cover photo credit: Abbie Elaine Portraits)

'Speaking Her Mind' EP Trailer:

The Story Behind 'Speaking Her Mind':

Released: 20th March 2020

Debut album 'Skin'

'Skin' Cover Back.png
'Skin' Cover Front.png

"I wrote all of the songs on this album between the ages of 13-21, and the stories they tell encapsulate many aspects of my teenage life: first relationships; first heartbreaks; moving around the country; starting university; discovering myself as a musician and as a human being; and simply growing up."

'Skin' Album Trailer:

The Story Behind 'Skin':

EDM Collaborations

Alongside her folk/pop origins, Anna's vocals can also be heard across the world of Electronic Dance Music, where she works with other artists within this vast multitude of subgenres, writing the lyrics/melodies and performing the vocals to be woven into the musical track that they have created.


Leo Lauretti & Vault 14 feat. Anna Renae

Elliptical Sun Melodies

Haunted cover.png
Life in Twilight

Robert B & Airo feat. Anna Renae

AVA Recordings

Part of Me

Robert B feat. Anna Renae

Scorchin' Progressive


Ollie Artley feat. Anna Renae - It Could Be You

Learn To Be Lonely  -  Mescadi feat. Anna Renae (Enormous Vision):  Listen Now

Light It Up  -  JANPAUL feat. Anna Renae (Elliptical Sun Melodies):  Listen Now

Skyline Calling  -  Airo feat. Anna Renae (Elliptical Sun Melodies):  Listen Now

My Surrender  -  Ruddaz feat. Anna Renae (Interplay Records):  Listen Now

Give Me Everything  -  Vil & Epidemika feat. Anna Renae (In My Opinion):  Listen Now

Other Collaborations

'Silver Linings' - an original song written and recorded in one day with the talented Joe Wright of Hillside Recording Studio.

(Stream the song here.)

'Running With The Wolves' (AURORA cover) by The People Versus and Anna Renae

Cover of Taylor Swift's 'The Man', with Oliver Payn

'Turned The Tide' - original collaboration written for Make Music Abingdon’s ‘Mix & Match Collaboration Challenge’ along with Tim Isherwood and Dave Wyncoll

Song Anna wrote for, and performed at, her sister's wedding

'Old Songs' by Anna Renae
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