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'Speaking Her Mind' EP Reviews

"Speaking Her Mind is the follow up to debut album Skin, which was one of the most exciting debuts of 2020. … The quality of these songs are of the same level as those on the album, so it must have been incredibly hard to decide which were going to make the cut for her debut. … The quality [of the title track] is such that it stands shoulder to shoulder with the best tracks on Skin. Celebrity is the other pick on the EP. It's probably the strongest vocal performance we've heard from her so far, and is utterly captivating. … [I]t's easy to scoff at the fact that comparisons have been made between Renae and the likes of Taylor Swift. This is one time however where such lofty associations do not seem at all misplaced. With her lyrical openness and vulnerability and a vocal style that resonates with strength, it would not be a surprise at all if Anna Renae were to become as ubiquitous name as those (currently) more famous musicians. If these tracks represent the last of her back catalogue, I can't be the only one very excited to see what comes next."

- Adam Jenkins, FATEA (10th October 2021)

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"Anna Renae’s new song “Speaking Her Mind” is a coming-of-age story full of empathy, determination, and growth … Renae guides us through a vignette-type story, giving listeners a glimpse into a moment of being a teenager again, and the social anxiety that inevitably comes with that age. The poetic candor of her lyricism is reminiscent of early Taylor Swift, infused with that youthful, yet grounded vulnerability that feels so nostalgic … Anna Renae embraces this impassioned journey in her vocal delivery as well. … as the choruses build with the almost desperate need to speak out, Renae unleashes her vivid voice, letting it blossom with this crescendo of emotion. … Anna Renae has composed a relatable tale of anxiety in “Speaking Her Mind”, crafting an arrangement that fully embodies the vulnerability of being young, one that is sure to enchant new listeners."

- Abby Kenna & Staff, 'Speaking Her Mind' Song Review, HerSong (14th September 2021)

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"‘Speaking Her Mind’ is the follow-up EP from Anna Renae after her debut album ‘Skin’ was released in March 2020. The songs for the EP were recorded at the same time as the album and certainly deserved a place on it, but I guess when you have 17 songs and only room for 12 you have to make hard choices. ‘Skin’ received great reviews, with some comparing her style to Suzanne Vega and even Taylor Swift. Some of the songs on this EP definitely lean towards the latter and showcase more of Anna’s great lyrics about teenage angst and growing up. The EP has a lively start with the title track ‘Speaking Her Mind’ ... ‘They Say’ has a gentle lilt and shows off Anna’s great vocal range. ‘My Heaven’ slows things down a little, as does the strikingly mature look at fame in her song ‘Celebrity’, but things finish in an upbeat mode with probably the strongest track on the EP, ‘The Blame’."

- Duncan Chappell, Big Ginger Tom Music (6th September 2021)

'Skin' Album Reviews

"Hard though it is to think back to those halcyon days of youth, between the ages of 13 and 21 … Not many of us were writing the songs that would one day form our debut album … Anna Renae was doing just that, capturing the experience of teenage life in music, navigating the turbulent maelstroms of those years and making sense of them through songs. Any worries that this might therefore come across as the kind of immature cod-philosophical musings you associate with teenagers should be dispelled instantly on the first play. … There's not a weak song on the album, and Renae melds together pop and folk sensibilities with a great deal of craft. … Where Renae truly shines is in her ability to take what are really very personal moments and lessons in her life, and turn them into something that will speak to everyone. … Skin is an absolute delight of an album from start to finish, and is one of the most impressive debuts I've heard in some time."

- Adam Jenkins, FATEA (22nd April 2020)

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"[Skin] draws on the songs she has written between the ages of 13 and 21, though they show the maturity of someone much older … The album opens strongly with her superb a cappella voice on ‘Alaska’, inspired by the film ‘Into the Wild’. It is just one of the songs with her layered harmonies and strings. My favourite song comes next with ‘Far From Sanity’, which deals with the madness of being in love, something I hadn’t thought about, but I think she gets it just right … There’s really not a bad track on the album … ‘Loving You Silently’, which was a piece she had to write for a string quartet during her time at university, the harmonies and string arrangements are just stunning and when she performs it live it brings tears to the eyes … For my money, amongst the very many talented female singer songwriters out there Anna is one who will go far … For those that like comparisons, think of Suzanne Vega with a hint of Taylor Swift."

- Duncan Chappell, Shire Folk (6th February 2021)

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"Anna is telling the story of her young life and these are deeply personal songs – the sort I would normally run a mile from, which is why I find her music so appealing. I’m nearly fifty years away from her but I can relate to the things she sings about because of her artistry. The line ‘the country is no place to build a kingdom’ and its mirror image of the city in ‘Where To Belong’ says so much. I don’t want to hammer the point but Anna wrote ‘The Soldier’ when she was thirteen - but its maturity is astonishing and the same can be said of the whole album. I will also say that she has a powerful voice that exudes confidence; the sort of voice I want to listen to. If Anna Renae isn’t a star one day I’ll know I should have retired long before now."

- Dai Jeffries, (18th March 2020)

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"Given that she wrote most of the songs on her debut album Skin during her teens, there's a maturity to Anna Renae's tales that, unsurprisingly, draw on her own experiences of love, heartbreak, leaving home and finding her place in the world. Avoiding the obvious pitfalls of such a musical journey, Renae's narrative songs are honest, charming and beautifully performed."

Issue 81 of RnR Magazine (8th May 2020)

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"The album kick starts with a song named "Alaska". This lovely intro tune contains melodic guitar instrumentals that are accompanied by such a huge range of effortlessly stunning vocals. Every song tells its own story and you will feel as though you are on a journey alongside Anna and her music. "Homeward Bound" is another fantastic song to look out for on the album, a really strong and refreshing song that will raise your mood tenfold. Anna Renae has a voice that is up there with the professionals you hear on the Radio everyday! Her songwriting and ability to perform are truly impressive ... It's clear that a lot of genuine love and hard work went into each and every one of her songs"

- New Blood, Roadie Records (25th March 2020)

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“Against the bright acoustic picking patterns, her vocal tone is pure and warm with nice character that gives her music a folk edge...By the second verse, after a moment's breath, the arrangement blossoms with guitar strumming and percussion moving towards a pop-folk flavor. A gorgeous violin is soon added to the mix...The title of the song "Skin" refers to a moment in life that lives beneath your skin...The song is a coming of age tale, a time of transition and inner growth, where a young woman discovers her own "truth" and learns the life lesson of being true to herself..."Skin" is a beautiful song that displays Anna's ability to bring emotions and stories to life through introspective lyrics, a well-conceived arrangement, and a warm and inviting vocal performance. "Skin" shows that Anna's music can go beneath the surface of the skin and touch the soul.”

- Sylvie Marie & Staff, 'Skin' Song Review, Please Pass The Indie (6th April 2020)

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"Anna's songs in her early years of writing started out with very basic song lines and guitar strumming accompaniment, for this, her debut release, she revisited them, added harmonies and layers, giving the songs lift and new life. She has progressed impressively, compiling some complex and interesting songs for the listener...Anna's catalogue of early songs seems endless, 'Skin' is an extremely well crafted and produced release for one so young, we look forward with great anticipation of what is to come."

- The Sound Cafe (7th October 2020)

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BBC Introducing

BBC Music Introducing: Solent


​'Where To Belong' was featured on 18th and 25th July 2020.

'The Rain At Night' was featured on 15th August 2020.

'Distance Makes The Heart Grow' was featured on 17th October 2020.

'Homeward Bound' was featured on 12th December 2020.

'Life in Twilight', my EDM collaboration with Robert B and Airo, was featured on 25th September 2021.

'Speaking Her Mind' was featured on 9th and 16th October 2021.

'The Blame' was featured on 6th November 2021.

'Part of Me', my EDM collaboration with Robert B, was featured on 4th December 2021.

'Light It Up', my EDM collaboration with JANPAUL, was featured on 29th January 2022.

'My Surrender', my EDM collaboration with Ruddaz, was featured on 24th December 2022.

BBC Music Introducing: Berkshire

'The Rain At Night' was featured on 15th August 2020.

'Distance Makes The Heart Grow' was featured on 10th October 2020.

'Homeward Bound' was featured on 28th November 2020.

BBC Music Introducing: Scotland

'Haunted', my EDM collaboration with Leo Lauretti and Vault 14, was featured on 9th July 2021.


Anna was featured by Graham Steel in FATEA Magazine's 'Listen Up' interview section on 2nd May 2020. The topics discussed include: how she would describe her music and the different genres it encompasses; how she wishes to explore different genres as a songwriter in future; plans for future releases/performances; and how she would encourage everyone to get involved in making music.

Read the full interview here.

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